Our Story


Family Photo

Hi, I'm Felicia, and this is my family!
My amazing husband who constantly supports me in every venture I take on, and our 2 sons. These 2 little boys are the real reason this journey all began, and the reason I never give up!

So how did I end up starting a bath and body product business? Well, business was never something new to me. My parents had always been self employed, business owners, and I actually own a secondary local business here in Winnipeg with my mom. I always knew growing up that I too wanted to own my own business (or two) and make sure I was doing what I loved.

I have always had a passion for natural products and was always on the hunt for natural, clean alternatives to use in my day to day, but becoming a mom back in 2018 took it to a whole new level. I would research products for hours and I was tired of finding products that were "natural" or "clean" but still containing questionable ingredients on the labels.

Finally, around the time my oldest son was 3 months old I began playing around with my own recipes in hopes of clearing up some of the stubborn eczema he was suffering from. It was amazing the difference we saw, and ever since then I have continued learning, growing, formulating and constantly wanting to try new things.

Now, here we are, with an entire lineup of amazing products I am so excited to share with you!