Our Products

Smaller Batches = Better Quality

At Genuine Bodycare, we handcraft products that not only feel, smell and look amazing, but are completely natural. Every lip balm, body butter, bath bomb, body scrub, and soap bar has been handcrafted, hand-poured and hand-pressed in small batches providing an experience that’s uniquely special for every customer. By making our products in small batches it ensures we can provide a product to you that is as fresh as possible so you can soak in all the great benefits!


Making beautiful soap the old-fashioned way

We make our soaps using the cold-process method that allows us to pour, design, and sculpt our soaps in our signature peaked design. No two soap bars are the same, each one is slightly different giving each customer a unique experience. Our soap bars weigh about 6 ounces and are bigger than most on the market. We recommend cutting your soap bar into 3 or 4 wedges and using 1 wedge at a time. This will allow the rest of the bar to stay dry. Its best to grab a soap tray to help keep your bar as dry as possible between uses and to prevent it from sitting in a puddle of water. Each bar is wrapped in a recycled paper label making them zero waste.


Shelf Life & Product Care

Shelf Life:
Since our products are completely natural, they are meant to be enjoyed, not stored! A date stamp on the bottom of the product marks the MM/DD/YYYY when it was made, so you know when it should be used by. Products should be used within 1 year of this date. Depending on the item the shelf life can change. Deodorant should be used within 6-9 months, however Beard Oil and Rollers can last for 12-18 months. Product care is important to ensure sufficient shelf life. 

Product Care:
All products are made with fresh ingredients and need to be treated with care. To ensure that the shelf life is not compromised, avoid introducing water into the containers (minus our soap bars of course) and handle products with clean, dry hands to prevent any contamination. Tightly secure lids and keep products in a place away from extreme heat and direct sunlight; your bathroom cupboard is a perfect spot! Improper product care and storage will effect the shelf life of your product.